My Process: The road to opportunity

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Recently, I’ve applied for a position I’ve been seeking for a while within my company.  I worked within this department on a temporary basis at the beginning of 2016, but this position would be full time within that same department.

Here’s the challenge, though:  This particular position within the department is one where my experience is a little bit deficient compared to other candidates.  That’s probably understating it.  The other candidates have far more experience and practice in this particular field than I do.

I do have one thing going for me though.  A process. When I worked part time in the department, I developed a process for achieving results.  I spent some time crafting the process, and then a ton of effort adhering to that process over and over.  I owe virtually all of my successful results to that pattern.

Even though my credentials for this particular position are inferior to other applicants, current members of the department told me after interviewing that my process alone is enough to make me a strong candidate independent of my lack of experience.

Honestly, I’m not even sure if I’ll get the job or what that will look like.  But I’ve learned that simply having a process and disciplining myself to follow it generates results and opportunity.



The Value of “Team”

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Over the last months and years, I’ve been contemplating things that fascinate me, cause me to pause, and encourage me to share ideas with others.

I’ve always loved sports, and it occurred to me that the examples of success, execution, teamwork, and practice are universal patterns of fulfillment across our multi-faceted lives.  The excellence we see on a field or court has been molded through hour after hour of repetitive adherence to the principles of excellence.

As a business major in college, this intriguing concept followed me to my work and career.  The principles that enable a player or team to hoist a trophy at the end of a season apply to individuals and organizations operating within virtually any sphere.  You obey and follow those principles, and success inevitably follows.

In sports, we hear the term “dynasty” used to describe teams that have maintained a consistent standard of excellence over a long period of time.  Cable sports network analysts will argue about whether or not a team has reached “dynasty” status.  This is not an honor bestowed easily.  We have champions every season.  But we have dynasties rarely.

So, what makes a champion?  Most importantly, what molds a champion into a dynasty?

These writings are my endeavor to organize my experiences with and observations of teams that not only reach a high level, but can maintain that level of excellence day after day, month after month, year after year.  These observations and experiences come from a variety of reading, my own experiences, and lessons I learn from individuals and groups that I interview.

I hope you find these writings insightful, that you share your own thoughts, and that the concepts invite introspection and application to your own team process.

-Sean Jaussi